About us

Travelunionism is a blog site developed in the year 2022 and located in Nigeria with a clear and visionary insights.We created this informative and mind blowing site with a clear motive of solving the daily demands of travellers who seek countless of informations on a daily basis without getting exactly what they needed.

Who we serve

We are a group of creators, researchers and travellers who specializes on travels advisory, news broadcasters and vast experience in resort management.

Who do we serve ?

Our services are sorely on

  1. Travellers who wished to visit any country of their choice.
  2. Vacationer who are on holiday or looking for a resort center.
  3. international Job applicants who seeks for international jobs.
  4. International students willing to study in any country abroad.
  5. International scholarship anquiantance.

How we operate.

Our operation are based on news and narrative postings, we also list and compare with much attentions to serving our users intent.

If you had like to contact us we’re open 24hrs to reply

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