Nursing Courses in Canada for International Students

Study Nursing in Canada in 2022-2023 (Courses, Fees and Salary)

Do you want to study nursing in Canada? It is really a good decision as more applicants opt for nursing courses due to their growing popularity and demand. Canada is one of the most affordable study destinations abroad, and many colleges and universities in Canada offer top-quality nursing programs. You can either opt for a diploma or bachelor’s courses in nursing which opens the pathway for you to become a nurse in Canada.


How to become a nurse in Canada?

The following are the prerequisites for becoming a nurse in Canada: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • A Diploma course if you live in Quebec.
  • Apply for assessment at your provincial nurses’ association.
  • Undertake the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX).
  • Prove that you can converse fluently and write well in English or French.
  • Prepare a good resume and cover letter.
  • Search for nursing vacancies in your locality.
  • Get a speciality certification to specialise in a variety of nursing areas.
  • Enhance your practical knowledge and skills by becoming a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Get your credentials evaluated before applying for work.
  • Register as a nurse in the locality where you would like to work.
  • Apply for a nursing job to become a nurse and get a work permit.

What is the nursing scope in Canada?

In Canada, there are many work prospects and competitive salaries for registered nurses, which range from CAD 60,000 to CAD 105,000. Numerous chances can arise from specialising in high-demand nursing specialties such as cardiology, neurosurgery, or other related fields. In Canada, greater employment prospects and higher wages are the result of your abilities and effort.

Nursing Requirements in Canada

Nursing schools in Canada generally require applicants to have completed high school subjects such as English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Some schools may offer a pre-nursing year for students who do not meet these requirements.

To be admitted into the Nurse Practitioner program, applicants must have a minimum of 3,900 clinical hours as a Registered Nurse. 

For candidates outside Canada, you require the following English proficiency test scores:

  • PTE: 59 above
  • IELTS: 6.0 and above
  • TOEFL: 88 and above.

List of Essential Nursing Subjects in Canada

PhysiologyENT Nursing
Muscular SystemPsychotherapy
Digestive SystemElectrocardiography
Respiratory SystemNutrition and Dietetics
Skeletal and Joint SystemMaternal and Child Health

Top Nursing Courses in Canada

1. B.Sc Nursing in Canada at Northern College

Nursing course duration: 4 years

Nursing career options: Nurse Supervisor

About this course: Nursing is a field that offers many chances for professional development, teamwork, and personal growth. Nursing in Canada encourages partnerships with other medical care providers in order to provide the best care possible for patients and their families. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your nursing skills in the top-of-the-line nursing labs equipped with the latest simulation technology. You can read or apply for this the school website

2. B.Sc Nursing in Canada at Lambton College

Nursing course duration: 2 years

Nursing career options: Nurse Administrator

About this course: With smaller class sizes and individualised attention from faculty, Lambton College is an excellent place to begin your nursing career. You will be able to study all the necessary skills to become a successful practitioner and acquire practical experience that will give you a significant advantage in your chosen specialisation when you study nursing in Canada. Apply a degree in Nursing at Lambton college

3. Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing – Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Nursing course duration: 4 years

Nursing career options: Psychiatric Nurse

About this course: The goal of this programme is to improve your skills as a psychiatric nurse. You will receive instruction on topics like diversity, therapeutic relationships, and health promotion. You can learn the best practises and how to use yourself in interpersonal relationships by studying nursing in Canada. You will be able to become a more skilled mental nurse and give your patients better care with the help of this programme.

4. B.Sc Nursing – Algonquin College

Nursing course duration: 4 years

Nursing career options: Staff Nurse

About this course: This program provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Registered Nurse. You will learn how to think critically and communicate effectively, as well as how to work within healthcare teams to solve problems while you study nursing in Canada. Upon completing this program, you will be prepared to provide quality care in the healthcare system.

5. B.Sc Nursing – Langara College

Nursing course duration: 4 years

Nursing career options: Nurse Supervisor

About this course: The healthcare system needs nurses who can think out of the box and convey effectively. This program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional nurse who can work as part of healthcare teams. You’ll learn in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings, gaining a well-rounded education while you study nursing in Canada at this college. After completing this program, you’ll be prepared to take on the role of a Registered Nurse and provide quality care to patients.

6. B.Sc Nursing – Trinity Western University

Nursing course duration: 4 years

Nursing career options: Staff Nurse

About this course: When you study nursing in Canada at this university, you will experience an education that develops not just your intellectual side but your emotional and physical selves as well. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get clinical experience in hospitals, community health settings, and simulated lab settings. Hence, the graduates do very well on the professional certification exams.

7. B.Sc Nursing in Canada at Cape Breton University

Nursing course duration: 4 years

Nursing career options: Staff Nurse

About this course: This nursing degree program will help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the field of nursing as a registered nurse. You will learn through a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory work, and clinical experience in a variety of settings, making this course as one of the best nursing courses in Canada. This comprehensive program will prepare you well to offer quality care in the healthcare system

Best Nursing Course in Canada After 12th

SNNursing Course in Canada After 12thNursing Institution in CanadaDuration
1B.Sc NursingUniversity of Windsor4 years
2B.Sc NursingVancouver Island University4 years
3B.Sc NursingParkland College4 years
4B.Sc NursingRed Deer Polytechnic4 years
5B.Sc NursingGeorgian College4 years
6B.Sc NursingNipissing University4 years
7B.Sc NursingUniversity of Regina4 years
8B.Sc Nursing (Hons)Brock University4 years

List of  2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada

SNTop 2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada
1Master of Nursing
2Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing
3Diploma in Practical Nursing and Critical Care
4Master of Science in Nursing Primary Health Care
5Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Nursing Practice – Clinical 
6Master of Science in Nursing.Master in Public Health Nursing
7Master of Science in Nursing Specialisation in Feminist & Gender Studies

Best Universities for 2 Year Nursing Program in Canada

SNUniversities for 2 Year Nursing Program in Canada
1McGill University
2Ryerson University
3Lakehead University
4University of Windsor
5Cape Breton University
6University of Lethbridge
7The University of Ottawa
8University of Saskatchewan
9Thompson Rivers University
10Fairleigh Dickinson University
SNBest Nursing Colleges in Canada
1Sault College
2Algonquin College
3Parkland College
4Northern College
5Douglas College
6Georgian College
7Seneca College
SNNursing Universities in Canada
1Brock University
2Nipissing University
3University of Windsor
4Cape Breton University
5Trinity Western University
6Vancouver Island University
7Thompson Rivers University
SNCheap Nursing Schools in Canada for International Students
1Fleming College
2Niagara College
3Douglas College
4Columbia College
5Georgian College
6Canadian College 
7Cambrian College
8St. Lawrence college

Nursing Course Fees in Canada

Nursing Universities in CanadaAverage Nursing Course Fee in Canada
Seneca CollegeCAD over 20,000
University of AlbertaCAD over 7,000
University of British ColumbiaCAD over 40,000
McGill UniversityCAD over 1,60,000
Humber CollegeCAD over 20,000

B.Sc Nursing Fees in Canada for Indian Students

The average nursing fee in Canada for Indian students is between 50,000 CAD to 2,00,000 CAD.

B.Sc Nursing Universities in CanadaB.Sc Nursing Fees in Canada for Indian StudentsDuration
University of TorontoCAD over 110,0002 years
McMaster UniversityCAD over 50,0004 years
McGill UniversityCAD over 160,0005 years
University of AlbertaCAD over 100,0004 years
University of OttawaCAD over 140,0004 years
Western UniversityCAD over 150,0004 years
Dalhousie UniversityCAD over 70,0003 years
University of CalgaryCAD over 50,0004 years
University of British ColumbiaCAD over 115,0002 years
Queen’s University at KingstonCAD over 180,0004 years

B.Sc Nursing Salary in Canada

B.Sc Nursing salary in CanadaCAD 45,000 to CAD 90,000
Nurse Salary in Canada Per Month
Nurse Salary in Canada Per MonthCAD 3750 to CAD 7500

Best Nursing Jobs in Canada

  1. Registered Nurse – Tele-Care
  2. Registered Nurse – Eye Care
  3. Registered Nurse – Primary Care
  4. Registered Nurse – Personal Surgery
  5. Registered Nurse – Corporate Health

Best Nursing Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

  1. Registered Nurse – Endoscopy
  2. Registered Nurse – Neurological Care
  3. Registered Nurse – Transitional Care Unit
  4. Registered Nurse – Nursing Resource Team
  5. Registered Nurse – General Internal Medicine

List of Geriatric Nursing Jobs in Canada

  1. Registered Practical Nurse, RPT
  2. Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)
  3. Registered Nurse, Geriatric Emergency
  4. Registered Nurse, Geriatric in-patient Unit
  5. Nurse Clinician –Geriatric Outreach Team

Nursing Assistant Jobs in Canada

  1. Nurse Co-ordinator
  2. Care Team Assistant
  3. Health Care Assistant
  4. Patient Care Assistant
  5. Nursing Support Assistant


Studying nursing in Canada provides a world-class education, hands-on clinical experience, and a globally recognized degree. Canada’s diverse healthcare system and welcoming environment offer a unique learning experience. Upon graduation, you’ll be eligible to work in Canada or return to Nigeria with advanced skills and knowledge, enhancing patient care and making a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.

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