United states scholarships to Africans.

Yes, there are various scholarships available for African students to study in the United States. This program was set up to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Motherland, Africa, to acquire knowledge in Universities, colleges, and other Institutions of learning in the United States. Remember to carefully review the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and required documents.

Eligibility statue’s

This scholarship is open to African students under the age of 39, with eligibility based on meeting the basic requirements and submitting completed entries before December 31st. Successful applicants must have strong intellectual pursuits and a good academic background.

Applicant Entitlement.

A recipient of the scholarship will be assisted in studying in the United States Free of tuition throughout the duration of the chosen program. In addition, the recipient will provisionally receive an annual allowance of US$4,000 for welfare. A recipient will also be assisted in getting a student visa, which will expire at the end of the chosen program of five (5) years (and eight (8) years for courses lasting beyond five years). Optionally, a recipient or student under this program will be assisted in securing a part-time job, which will enable the student to work while schooling and earn extra income. This is only done on request.

Entry requirements

Completed Entry Form (to be made online).
2. Entry Fee of US$100 (86500 Nigeria, 1162 Ghana, R1795 South Africa)
3. Five credit passes in O/level exams, including English Language, mathematics, and three other subjects (undergraduate program).
4. First degree or HND (Postgraduate program)
5. Your recent color passport photograph

Application method

Interested applicants who wished to apply for this Job should visit the official application website to Apply Now

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