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UK Asylum visa application, and everything you need to know.


Asylum is an application you make to get a type of international protection called refugee status. UK is one the country that is attractive to asylum seekers

Refugee status can be given to you by another country if you fear being returned to your country of origin or residence. You need to fulfil specific requirements in order to have your asylum claim accepted.

What is an asylum claim?

Asylum is defined in the Refugee Convention 1951, an international law which the UK signed many years ago. 

Asylum is the claim you make, and if that claim is accepted by the country you claimed asylum from, you become a refugee and receive international protection. 

You claim asylum from the Home Office in the UK. This is the government department responsible for immigration, borders and security (as well as other things). 


The Government makes it very difficult for people to enter the United Kingdom (UK) to claim asylum. This is especially so after the Government introduced a law called the Nationality and Borders Act 2022

If you are in danger in your country of origin or residence, and you want the UK to grant you international protection, you can claim asylum when you are in the UK.

However, it is not possible to claim asylum from outside the UK, and there is no visa which allows people to enter the UK in order to claim asylum. This means that most people have no choice but to enter the UK without permission. People may come hidden in vehicles, on boats, or by airplane using a false passport.

A law was stipulated that From 28 July 2022 onwards, anybody who enters the UK (without a visa) and claims asylum will be going against this law. This offence carries a maximum sentence of 4 years (5 years for people who re-enter the UK in breach of a deportation order

The Government has said that prosecutions will target people who are re-entering the UK after having been deported or removed as a failed asylum seeker. They will also apparently target people who have caused a danger to themselves or others, or have caused disruption to the channel tunnel or services such as shipping routes. 

A person who successfully applies for an unrelated visa (for example, a tourist visa) can enter the UK lawfully and claim asylum without breaching section 40 of NABA. You can apply for seek for asylum helpline on procedures check.

Get a decision

Your application will usually be decided within 6 months. It may take longer if it’s complicated, for example:

  • your supporting documents need to be verified
  • you need to attend more interviews

Seeking for UK Asylum most times are considered as the safest way to get a permanent or green card documents, in other related post we elaborated on How to get UK work permit without a job offer

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