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Uk student visa and everything you need to know

United Kingdom which has been one of the major country that attractive people from Africa,America, Asia is and many various countries of the world, and applying for a student visa has been one on the major questions people ask, in this article we’ll explain the procedures and method of the applications.

In the United Kingdom education is considered very vital ,and every citizens comprising of the primary, secondary education even part of tertiary education are free . This has enormously attractive to people from different countries. And the education system in this country is very conducive, well trained teachers and instructors and research materials solely provided by the government and even the some private individuals .

What Is a student visa.?

A student visa is a travel document which gives the holder the legal rights to study in any acquired country for a specific time or period being stipulated . You can also check Video of a man being arrested by a UK Immigration officer

Overview of UK student visa

You can apply for UK student visa

  1. If you’re 17 years and above,and have a consent from your parents.
  2. If your parents resides in UK.
  3. If you have the money to sponsor your school fees
  4. if you can write, speak and understand English language.

when and how to apply for UK. Student visa

You should apply for UK student visa with atleast 6months spare from the commencement of your courses if you’re applying outside of United kingdom, while if you’re applying inside of United kingdom you should apply atleast 3 months before the commencement of your course.

The validity of your stay

you can stay in the United kingdom for atleast 5yrs,and the length of your stay must line with your course of study. You can also extend your visa if you’re eligible to continue your studies in UK or switch your student visa to another visa if you’re eligible or even apply for a graduate visa to stay atleast 2yrs in UK.

What are the fees

You must pay an unrefundable fee of 363Euro when you’re applying from outside UK. And also 490euro to switch your visa from student visa.

Some other mecceloneous fees which include

Health care

Depends of how long you will stay within a period of the visa. You may also be able to bring your partner, children’s or dependant with an accumulated fee.

what you can do with a student visa

  1. you can study with a student visa.
  2. you can work with a term time.
  3. and you can apply to represent in any student union organization

What you cannot do with a student visa

  1. You cannot claim public funds, pensions or other benefits designed for citizens.
  2. you cannot work as professional eg sports coach or other top professional job with a student visa.
  3. You can’t be self employed with a student visa.

Applying for United kingdom visa requires some procedures and the documents must be ready for the easy application.

If you have prepared your documents and fees and you’re ready. You can click the link to directly apply from United kingdom official immigration site

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